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Skye began his graduate studies in Film Production at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, completing a year of postgraduate work in Cinematography and Film Production. Skye spent the next two years at San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), earning his Master of Fine Arts degree. As part of the MFA program at SFAI, Skye completed graduate work in Video Art Installation and Exhibition, Digital High-Speed Filming and Production, and Motion Analysis Studies; building a cohesive body of work with a strong conceptual and theoretical framework. 

Skye John Bennett
Skye Bennett

Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)


Bachelor of Science in Business California State University, East Bay

As an artist and filmmaker, Skye's work is focused on the exploration of high speed image capture, observing realtime captured at speeds faster than the conscious mind can comprehend and playing these images back slower; enabling the viewer to see

through the lens of the subconscious mind. The technical side of Skye's work and research seeks to develop an algorithm/ relationship between the speed of movement (gestures, moving objects, action...), and the subsequent speed of image capture and speed of playback that most effectively captivates viewers' attention.


Inspired by his grandfather, Skye is leading new Research and Development in High-Speed Filming and Production; conducting Motion Analysis studies in the development of new techniques for use in High-Speed Filming during the production and postproduction stages. 

Skye's grandfather, V. Ray Bennett, was a Medical Research Engineer known for his breakthrough inventions in respiratory care. V. Ray was the 1st to innovate positive pressure mechanical ventilators, inventing the Bennett Valve in the 1940’s, which became an alternative to the Iron Lung - a negative pressure mechanical ventilator. The invention of the Bennett Valve paved the way for the first IPPB (Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing) Machines. V. Ray’s work in respiratory care led to the creation of a new generation of Puritan-Bennett™ ventilators. 

Puritan-Bennett™ is a trademark of Medtronic.

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